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Welcome to the $250 Winner Picks It Gift Card Giveaway

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Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and some of her favorite bloggers are celebrating you, our readers with a $250 Gift Card Giveaway! It’s because of YOU, our readers that we are able to do what we do every single day and we wanted to show you how much we appreciate you!

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  1. Kelly Greenwood says

    My best holiday memories are just all of the years that all of my family has celebrated Christmas at my house. Lots of fun and laughing together.

  2. Christina says

    I have two, my first was when I was little and got to spend it with all my family and my other was just recent for my sons first Christmas.

  3. rachael m says

    my nana would cook these cookies…i dont even know if they had a name…they were the best thig in the world and now my mother makes them every years and its like my nana is still here with us <3

  4. candi doucet says

    when my family gets together and bakes Christmas desserts for Christmas in memory of my grandmother, it was her favorite thing to do…so we make it a tradition <3

  5. Renee Travis says

    My best memory is when we were kids and my parents would gather us around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning and most of the time we had snow on the ground. We would go sledding, come in to my mom’s homemade hot chocolate and a snack, get dry clothes on and go back out! :)

  6. Sarah Grief says

    My oldest child’s first Christmas. I finally had the blessing we had been praying for, so that year was extra special.

  7. sherrri k says

    My favorite Holiday memory was when we would get our tree on Christmas eve. Raised by a single mom and we were given the trees from the schools once they got out for vacation so getting our tree every eve was the best thing.

  8. dawn cook says

    was going to my grandparents, my grandmother always put fruit in our stockings along with goodies, they also always had cold cans of soda, nuts and fruit on the table for us too

  9. Melissa Dunn says

    Seeing the look on my childrens faces hen they wake up in the morning on christmas day to see santa didnt skip them.

  10. penny reid says

    My best holiday memory was when i was 10 years old and asked for a rock polisher ,that was over 38 years ago and i remember it as it was yesterday and when my grandma died in 2002 i got her jewelry box and inside of it was a polished rock key chain i had made her.

  11. laura veytia says

    My favorite Christimas was with my ex the first Christmas was so much fun we spoiled each other miss being in love like i was then.

  12. Jacki M says

    My best holiday memory was visiting my grandparents house up North with the snow and seeing family I see maybe once a year.

  13. dwitch67 says

    My favorite memory of Christmas was when my uncle and his family came from Texas for a visit. It was the first time his wife and son had seen snow. We had a blast tubing down a snowy hill and as we were all together it was one of the last times it was this way.

  14. Elizabeth Moore says

    My favorite memory of Christmas is seeing my kids so excited when they wake us up in the morning to tell me Santa was here.Looking at the milk and cookies that he ate and drank. Brings back all the memories of when I was growing up and how special my parents made Christmas for my family. Now I am carrying on the traditions with mine.

  15. Kimberly Frazee says

    A little yellow stuffed dog I wanted at Keskys. I wanted it so bad and my Grandma Centerburg went and got it for me at Christmas.

  16. Tracy W says

    My favorite holiday memories are of when I was little before my parents divorced, and we were still a whole family.

  17. Della Taraska says

    When I was 6 and my sister was 7 yrs old we both got thumbelina dolls that
    cried when you rocked them forward or back. We were so excited and sat playing with them by the Christmas tree and drinking 7 up out of the bottle.
    This was in the 60’s. such a good memory. My sister died at age 15 from Juvenile diabetes complications but that memory always stands out in my mind, I miss her dearly.

  18. Kim H. says

    Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to see all of the Aunts and Uncles, cousins and grandparents. What a fun time. Having babies and watching them to grow into the Christmas fun.

  19. Debbie Hartfield says

    The very first time we took our children to Florida for Christmas and we went to Island of Adventure and had green eggs and ham sandwich!

  20. biki says

    Cooking with my sisters and cousins to create a huge meal and just mixing it up. Pulling out the wine was a great part of it too

  21. stephanie u. says

    my best holiday memory is all the stress/fighting that went on during the holidays at our house. It made it feel like home ( in a good way!)

  22. Rae Ramos says

    my best holiday memory is when my son surprising me as i got home one morning, we didn’t think we would see him that year because he was serving in the army.

  23. Brittany says

    My holiday memory is simply the last Christmas I spent with all of my family before a lot of bad things started happening with us all was the happiest times of our lives and its still not the same today almost 9 years later!

  24. Wendy Diamond says

    My best holiday memory is spending as much time as I can with my family and the last time I got to spend it with my grandchildren.

  25. Kim Shultz says

    My best holiday memory is of getting a Cabbage Patch Kid every year since they came out when I was 5…. I am now 34 and still get one every year from my dad.

  26. Renee Wright says

    I was in the 3rd grade and my mom fell and broke her ankle. She didn’t have money that year for Christmas and my grandparents were helping us with bills and food. Our church was taking up food for a family in our church to help that year. We didn’t have much but my mom took some anyway. Christmas Eve night all the ladies from the church showed up and brought us several boxes of food and they had even got Christmas gifts for my brother and me and even something for my mom. It was a great Christmas because it was about love and helping others. It has always stood out in my mind.

  27. Stacey J. says

    One of my favorite memories was running downstairs with my brothers and sisters and finding presents under the Christmas tree.

  28. Jacob says

    One year a car broke down and we picked up and gave a ride to “Santa” – as a kid it was such an exciting thrill. I always remember that!