Prize Candle Review

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Prize Candles are all natural 100% soy wax


The soy we use is grown domestically and our candles are produced in the USA.

Soy wax burns thirty percent longer and cleaner than paraffin with no petroleum soot emissions and is also biodegradable.

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I had the opportunity to review a Pomegranate Passion candle from Prize Candles.

I was sent a candle which happen to be a Pomegranate  Passion candle. They must knew me so well because I love pomegranate since living in Ventura Ca.  Let me say I was excited with the scent it was strong and smelled great.  I have had the candle for a week now and probably have 7 good burns left. That is how much I let it stay lit.   I like the fact it has a very thick wick as well. Hands down great candle and scent.

Okay let’s get down to details about this candle. It is called a Prize candle and is similar to other candle companies who have items hidden within a candle.   All candles are 100% soy candle and burn very clean. The candle itself is 21oz. and lasts a really long time. I don’t know about you but, I have a dilemma!I love the candle scent so much I don’t want to use it up in days. But, to get my prize I need to let it burn. What to do, What to do. Honestly, this candle is worth more than a prize. The smell penetrates my whole house. I can’t wait to try the other scents. Once I reach my prize I will update what my goodie is.

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About Prize Candles!

The Prize Candle story began with the collaboration of a team that shared a passion to create an eco-conscious candle line that is sophisticated and refined, yet, affordable & festive. Pulling their talents from the fashion, design and tech industry to develop Prize Candle, the result is a beautifully packaged, all natural soy wax candle in fragrances that will enhance your environment with the added bonus of a prize in every candle!

Would I buy this product?? 

100% YES!! One of the BEST candles ever. The scent was amazing!

Prize Candles cost $27.99 + shipping

Review written by, Krista Blackburn