7 Jan '13

Origami Owl

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This review was done by Sweet N Sour Deals

Do you love personalized jewelry? Well, I know I do and I had been looking for something truly unique for awhile now when I ran upon Origami Owl. I was so excited when I contacted Rebecca Corvin and she agreed to let me do a review for Origami Owl. With Origami Owl you get to choose your locket and what you would like inside it to tell your own story. Here is a little about the company before I start my review. When 14-year old Isabella Weems started Origami Owl in 2010, she only wanted to raise money to buy a car in time for her 16th birthday. Little did she know that her dreams of buying the car of her dreams would lead to a full-scale direct sales company, giving thousands of women in the country an opportunity to start their own business. Now, Origami Owl offers one of the best ground floor opportunities in direct sales, giving aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to finally fulfill their dreams of owning their own direct sales venture. The Origami Owl Business offers quite the opportunity for interested designers. Origami Owl’s sales representatives are called independent designers because the company believes that each person representing their products has a hand in designing the necklaces that would soon be worn by their customers. Regardless of your budget and the initial needs of your business, you can expect to find a starter kit from Origami Owl that would best suit your needs.


Now for my experience with Origami Owl. I met Rebecca at a near by Burger King to sit down and look at all she had to offer. When making your necklace there are a few steps. First you choose the charms that you would like inside your locket. There are so many to choose from. There are numbers, birthstones, letters, crosses, just about anything you can think of. When I met Rebecca it was just a couple of days until my husband and my 10 year anniversary so I decided that I would like to make a special locket for that occasion. I looked at all the charms she had and there were so many that at first I had a hard time choosing what I liked. After a little thought I decided to choose the numbers 1 and 0 for 10 years, a cross to symbolize our faith and for fun I chose a tiny diamond engagement ring which I absolutely love!! After choosing my charms it was time to choose the locket for my charms to go in. I chose the medium silver living locket. The locket is silver around the edges and clear glass on both sides so you can see your charms. Last I chose my necklace for my locket. The chain I chose is very pretty! Here is a picture of my final creation.

Origami owl necklace

There are also other things you can add to your Origami Owl locket such as plates and dangles. The neat thing about the lockets is that you can add whatever you like at any time and change it to suit the occasion no matter what it is. Now if you would like to start creating your own Origami Owl locket you can contact Rebecca by email at beckles_02@hotmail.com, on Facebook, or on her website www.rscorvin.origamiowl.com. You can also contact her to get information on starting your very own Origami Owl business, there are endless opportunities with this company. Overall I give Rebecca and Origami Owl a HUGE 5 stars. I truly love my locket and it will be something I always have and cherish to remember our 10 year anniversary.

Now for the fun part!! Rebecca is giving away a $30 gift certificate so you can create your very own locket!! Just enter on the rafflecopter below!


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There are 27 Comments.

  1. Lisa James
    10:03 pm January 9, 2013

    I would use it for a locket for my daughters 4th birthday !

  2. Heather Keating
    10:03 pm January 9, 2013

    OMG Can I please win one with my children’s birthstones, please please :)

  3. Briana Kennedy
    10:06 pm January 9, 2013

    large silver locket with crystals

  4. Shalin Shultz
    10:07 pm January 9, 2013

    I like the living lockets

  5. Rachel Beltz
    10:07 pm January 9, 2013

    I would love to win one to represent my family!! <3

  6. Allyson Hunter
    10:10 pm January 9, 2013

    I love the living locket! I’d put a cat, a footprint in the sand and a birthstone Dec. girl in it. :)

  7. kathy Foley
    10:13 pm January 9, 2013

    My true self: army wife, martial arts, cats, pink gemstones, something about my son and husband, maybe their initials, my Mom’s and dad’s initials…something like that!

  8. Kim Cowgar
    10:13 pm January 9, 2013

    Would prob use on a med silver locket with a “dream” plate and the gold sparrow charm

  9. Robin A
    10:15 pm January 9, 2013

    MEDIUM ROSE GOLD LOCKET with my children’s birthstones,

  10. Leslie H
    10:19 pm January 9, 2013

    my daughters received Origami Owl lockets from their brother and want more charms, dangles and a plate

  11. milissa hamilton
    10:30 pm January 9, 2013

    I would use it to get more charms for inside my locket!! I love my locket!! But then again maybe i will make another one!!!

  12. I like the living locket with the wedding ring and Bon Voyage Suitcase charms with it :)

  13. ellen schull
    10:37 pm January 9, 2013

    I would love an initial pendant.

  14. Abbe Brown
    10:51 pm January 9, 2013

    A living locket for my Mom would be awesome.

  15. Kisha Cotton
    11:13 pm January 9, 2013

    i think id do a locket with family things like my daughters birthstone and my boyfriends birthstone or something similar to it

  16. Nicole N
    11:23 pm January 9, 2013

    sand dollar, starfish, clam shell, sea horse and aqua accent stones in a locket. Bummed there’s no whale charms, but not surprised.

  17. Alysia
    11:58 pm January 9, 2013

    One with police badge and blue and black stones because I love my job it’s my second home

  18. Tiffany Sanderson
    1:08 am January 10, 2013

    I know I at least want the silver with crystals locket, no idea on the charms though! So many choices!!!

  19. Bekah
    1:10 am January 10, 2013

    Probably a locket.

  20. joy caffreyp
    1:15 am January 10, 2013

    Large rose gold..

  21. Sabrina
    1:15 am January 10, 2013

    I would use it for my mom’s birthday gift.. She really loves lockets.. <3

  22. I would like a necklace representing my resolutions for the new year: get closer to God, weight loss, family…

  23. Kacee Watkins
    1:31 am January 10, 2013

    I would love anything associated with family; love the “Police” charm, as my husband is a state trooper, and means the world to me~Wish they had astrological signs, that would be my first pick~

  24. peggy fedison
    2:01 am January 10, 2013

    i would use it on the living locket!! ty for opportunity

  25. Misty H
    2:16 am January 10, 2013

    Toward the locket for my daughters hope chest for when she is older :)

  26. Lettie Barnes
    8:48 am January 10, 2013

    large Rose gold locket with charms to represent my husband and I, our kids and hobbies.

  27. Kristin
    9:14 am January 10, 2013

    Charm-Bright Eye Owl –Locket- Large gold locket with crystals–Chain-thin gold rolo chain 32 inch
    –plate-mom–Origami owl signature heart in gold.

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